About Us

Dear tourist, thank you for your visit, let us give you some information about InfoCusco.

InfoCusco is a Familiy run business  travel agency and tour operator based in the city of Cusco, specialized in the organization and operation of adventure tours, especially the Inca Trail. We also organize traditional tours throughout Peru, either package or individual tours.

We practice and spread responsible and sustainable tourism for the benefit of all who are immersed in this non-chimney industry, both the company as well as the final customer.

Our work group is prepared to assist you with any concerns you may have before, during or after making your reservation with us.

We hope to have the privilege of assisting you in your journey making your experience as pleasant and satisfying as possible, hopefully surpassing your expectations since this is our purpose.

Our main web site is: www.infocusco.com.pe

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Sincerely Yours.